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David Banner pulls no punches, but he does land some some on a police officer’s face in new video for “Black Fist.”

Now that he plays for the team he owns, David Banner doesn’t have to worry about record label politics stifling him from what he really wants to say or how he wants to say it. In the latest clip from his upcoming The God Box album, Banner rages against the police brutality machine and turns “justice” on its head.

In the video that was a premiered on Revolt, Banner and a team of freedom fighters can be seen taking a police officer who was found “innocent” of killing another unarmed person in to his own court and finding them guilty. The punishment for the crime? Let’s just say it involved a lot of punching and a little bit of drowning.

“Black Fist” also features fellow Mississippi rapper Tito Lopez. The beat and cadence borrows from the “trap” sound that is popular right now, hoping to catch the ears of younger listeners and hypnotize them into taking some action against the powers that be.

David Banner’s album The God Box is set to be released this August. It is available for pre-order on iTunes right now.