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The family of Cincinnati police shooting victim Sam DuBose will receive $5 million in a settlement that has been reached with the University of Cincinnati.

DuBose, 43, was shot dead by Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing in July 2015 during a traffic stop. Tensing claimed that Dubose attempted to run him over with his car, but bodycam video showed that Dubose was trying to keep Tensing from unlawfully opening his car door as the vehicle started to roll away. At that point Tensing pulled out his gun and fatally shot DuBose before the car eventually rolled down the street and hit a pole.

Tensing plead not guilty to murder and voluntary manslaughter charges and is currently free on $1 million bond. His trial is set to begin on October 24.

Since Tensing was an officer for the University of Cincinnati, the school has been held responsible. They reached a settlement with DuBose’s family worth more than $5 million.

Raw Story reports:

“The 13 children of [DuBose] will each receive about $218,000 plus free college tuition under a roughly $5 million settlement…Ohio probate Judge Ralph Winkler, charged with distributing the settlement reached between the university and the family of Sam DuBose, also ruled on Monday that DuBose’s mother would receive $90,000…In addition to the distribution for DuBose’s mother and children, Winkler also ruled that his six siblings would each be paid $32,000 from the settlement…His father, Sam Johnson, will receive $25,000.”

Raw Story also reports that more than 33 percent of the $4.85 million in settlement money was allocated for attorneys’ fees and costs, totaling out to $1.67 million.

The DuBose shooting was one of the many events that sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement among other protests about police accountability. His death, and the murders of Eric Garner and Mike Brown at the hands [and guns] of police officers pushed Americans to demand bodycams be worn by all police officers.

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