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Bobby Shmurda is still waiting for his trial to start, and his struggle gets more epic by the day. In a recent GQ article, the Brooklyn rapper is painted like a victim of the streets, the music industry and the justice system.

Talk about a triple whammy.

The story details Shmurda’s sort of calculated, fairly quick ascent to hitmaking rapper. It also does a wonderful job of detailing the various pitfalls the now 21-year-old born Ackquille Pollard faced along the way, and which may have sealed his fate behind bars.

It also shows that conspiracy theorists aren’t necessarily talking out the sides of their necks when they say the kid is being set up.

Check out eight crazy revelations we noted from GQ‘s story, starting with…

Who’s Your Manager? Okay, Which One?

At one point, Shmurda had dozens of drug dealers acting as his “manager.” However, they didn’t have any music industry experience.

…They were just “some cats from our neighborhood; they used to hustle. So they had, like, Porsches and Maseratis and stuff like that. They had money.”

“Where did they get their money?”

Pollard smiled and opened his eyes wide and laughed.

“That’s not my business!” he said. “That was not my business.”

And so Wilson called for the meeting, a kind of street powwow. Wilson wanted to articulate to Pollard’s neighborhood cronies that the pros were taking over. Wilson expected maybe four or five of Pollard’s friends to show up. Instead, he says, as many as two dozen boys and young men arrived. Some were older, in their 20s or early 30s. “I told them: ‘Hey, you got to stay away. You all can’t be running around screaming “GS9!” and getting in trouble.’ ”

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