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Twitter has a knack for the funny via clever hashtags that become trending topics in minutes on the fast-moving social network. The latest to be sparked is “#YouMightBeTheSidePieceIf” and the results have been hilarious in spots.

Earlier today, the trend started gaining traction and before long it spread like wildfire among Twitter users. Of course, cracking on the common tropes of the side piece are there including not being introduced to friends and family, or only going out at night, and the list goes on.

The fun really began when certain brands started hopping in on the trending topic, although some of the results of the brand tweets were less humorous than hoped. There is also plenty of over the top scenarios and bizarre situations underneath the hashtag, so brace yourselves.

We’ve compiled some of the best tweets we’ve seen on the following page and if you must dip your toe into the #YouMightBeTheSidePieceIf pool, follow this link to dive in. Also, let us know if we missed any of your favorite replies in the comments section.

Props to 98.5 The Beat’s The Dana Cortez Show for kicking off the hashtag!

Photo: By Stuart Spivack from Cleveland, Ohio, USAFlickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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