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Outspoken podcaster Taxstone is having his name thrown about as an agitator in the Irving Plaza shooting at a T.I. concert that left one man dead. While Troy Ave is seen in footage licking off shots, and has been charged with attempted murder, Taxstone’s name has been mentioned by multiple sources as somehow being involved.

The initial theory was that Troy Ave somehow shot himself in the leg. Since then, the updated narrative is that Troy Ave got into an altercation with someone, who shot him in the leg and let off the shot that killed Ronald McPhatter. Troy wrestled the shooter for the gun, and that’s when we see him limping out of the green room with an injured leg.

Troy Ave’s lawyer insists the Brooklyn rapper is the victim, while the brother of the deceased man, has pointed the finger at Tax as the instigator, and allegedly the initial shooter.

Reports the New York Daily News:

The victim’s brother, Shanduke McPhatter, shared a social media post Monday that said a man with outspoken podcaster TaxStone was the shooter. That person fired at Ronald McPhatter and Troy, and then dropped the gun, the post said.

Troy picked up the weapon and it was that gun he was firing in the cops’ video, the post claimed.

Troy and Tax have a simmering feud, going back and forth on Twitter numerous times and the former even mentioning the latter in a diss track.

Sources says Troy confronted and punched Tax in Irving Plaza’s green room. Footage of that alleged altercation has been released, but you can’t see who got stole on and who started busting shots.

Investigators have confirmed that they are seeking a second shooter.

Let’s keep in mind these are all strictly allegations.

The video on the next page makes a case for Troy shooting after a fleeing Taxstone with the same gun that was used to shoot him in the leg.

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