Any competitor or artist claiming to be the greatest or being considered one of the greatest has to be tested. Either that or challenge whoever the greatest is themselves. While Common has never gone around bumping his chest demanding a crown or throne, he hasn’t backed down from a challenge either.

When he stuck out his neck on “I Used To Love H.E.R.” asking other rappers to “stop f*cking up” Hip-Hop, not everybody obliged. His bold statements were met with resistance from from West Coast legend Ice Cube who teamed up with Mack 10 and W.C. to record “Westside Slaughterhouse” and spew the lyrics:

All you suckas want to dis the pacific

But you buster niggas never get specific

Used to love her, mad cause we f*cked her

P*ssy whipped bitch with no Common Sense

Up to this point, Ice Cube was still one of the most feared MC’s on the mic. After all, this is the man who wrote “No Vaseline” and single-handedly defeated NWA on wax. But, Common didn’t back down from the fight that Cube was bringing and proceeded to drop the scathing 1996 diss track “The B*tch In Yoo.”

In just over three minutes Common completely destroyed Cube and made even the biggest Cube fans look at him differently. Just read the lyrics from the first verse alone:

A b*tch n*gga with an attitude named Cube

Stepped to the Com wit a feud

Now what the f*ck I look like dissing a whole coast

You ain’t made sh*t dope since AmeriKKKa’s Most

Wanted to cease from the Midwest to the East

On the dick of the East for your 1st release

Your lease is up at the crib, house niggas get evicted

In videos with white boys talking you get Wicked

Natural Born Killa, n*gga you natural born God

Read, rich, got the nerve to say you rob

Hyprocrite, I’m filling out your Death Certificate

Slinging bean pies and St Ide’s in the same sentence

Shoulda repented, on the 16th of October

Get some beats besides George Clinton to rock over

Rap career is over, better off acting

What trouble I see, you’re managing WC and Wack 10

You backed in to a four corner hustla

Lying on your d*ck, said you was fuckin her

Use Higher Learning, don’t take my words out of ‘text

Went from gangsta to Islam to the d*ck of Das EFX

It’ll take the Nation of Millions to Hold Me Back

From giving you mouth shots or hit wit the pipe Ralph got

Chris Tucker ain’t around, it’s your Friday, it was good

I wasn’t salty, she was wit the Boyz N the Hood

Cube never responded and it did indeed take the nation to hold Common back as the rising beef was squashed after both men met with Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Now, if shutting up the self-proclaimed “N*gga You Love To Hate” and co-founding father of Gangsta Rap isn’t worthy of “Top” consideration, what is?

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