Now, every great takes an L now and then too, unless you’re Floyd Mayweather. Then again, he likes to wear those Mary J. Blige boots ever so often, so that’s an L itself.

But, even though Common came out on top in his feud with Ice Cube, he didn’t fare so well later in his career when he found himself in a war of words with Drake.

When he released his 2011 single “Sweet” many took it to be a jab at Drake since the song mocked rappers who sing.

While Common would later insist that the song was not directed at anyone in particular, he still still offered the shoe to whoever it fit on. Drake took offense and decided to try those shoes on. He shot back at Common with his scene stealing verse on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin.'”

Common would respond two days after the song was released with his own “Stay Schemin” remix, proving that even though he was much older than Drake, he was still “with the sh*ts” as the young people say.

Even though Common wound up making two tracks, Drake still came away the victor based off the fact that you’re going to find more people who remember his “Stay Schemin'” verse than people who even know that “Sweet” and his “Stay Schemin'” reply even exist. Common would also later admit that he started the whole thing because of Drake’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Serena Williams. While Common may have lost the battle, it was still dope to see that he was still down to enter the arena.

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