Kid Cudi recently took to Twitter to make an announcement that will surely excite his fans. The Cleveland rapper promises to release a pair of albums this year, with one already slated for release this summer and another this coming fall.

Cudder posted the series of tweets Wednesday afternoon (June 1), revealing to his followers the upcoming musical schedule.

“So my plan is to release 2 albums this year. One for the summer and another for the fall. I finished this new one already. Fine tuning now,” tweeted Kid Cudi.

The former “lonely stoner” followed with, “My creative juices have been flowing violently since January and I have committed myself to swimming in the magic and making more heat.”

Violent creative juices aside, Kid Cudi hasn’t been gone from the public eye for long. He last released his fifth album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, last December on his Wicked Awesome label which is distributed by Republic.

The upcoming sixth record, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ will be released at an undetermined date this summer, although it isn’t confirmed if this is one of the two records he aims to put out this year.

Over on Cudi’s Instagram page, fans can get a bit of a sneak preview of his upcoming offerings and based on fan response it looks like he’s right on track.

Photo: Instagram