The mother of the little boy who fell into a gorilla park enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo will not face criminal charges. The prosecutor in the case made the announcement on Monday that Michelle Gregg was not negligent in the incident that led to the shooting death of a beloved gorilla.

TMZ reports:

Hamilton County prosecutor, Joe Deters, announced Monday morning that Michelle Gregg was not negligent when her 3-year-old boy strayed at the Cincinnati Zoo. He pointed out she had 3 other children with her and based on surveillance cameras and witnesses … she was attentive.

Deters said quite simply “kids can scamper off and they do.” He added, if Gregg had been “in the bathroom smoking crack that would have been a different story, but that’s not what happened.”

After zoo officials killed Harambe to save the boy … many blamed Gregg and clamored for her to face criminal charges, but Deters said, “There’s nothing that the mother could have done.”

Not sure why Deters has to even mention the crack thing, but anyway.

Local outlet WCPO added in their in-depth report that Deters mentioned that Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services investigated Gregg’s home and found nothing alarming. Deters also added in the press announcement that Gregg three other children with her in addition to her son. The father of the boy was not present but another adult woman was.

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