Z-Ro spent years building his name in Houston for years releasing albums with small indie labels until he linked with Southern Hip-Hop powerhouse Rap-A-Lot Records in 2004. Unfortunately, when his debut album with the label, The Life Of Joesph W. McVey hit stores, he was in jail serving time on a drug possession charge. When he was released he put out another solid album with 2005’s Let The Truth Be Told. But, by the time his 2006 follow-up I’m Still Livin’ was released Z-Ro was in jail again. Since then Z-Ro has released an album or mixtape every year while still finding time to do cameo appearances on albums for artists ranging from E-40 to Nipsey Hussle to even Beyonce. He hasn’t had a radio or video impacting song since “I Hate U” in 2004. Had he been out to fully promote it, he may have been able to shake the underground underdog status attached to him.

Verdict: HURT. Z-Ro was unable to promote his most visible and successful albums due to being locked away.

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