Troy Ave

Troy Ave just joined this infamous club this week when he released his Free Troy Ave mixtape while awaiting trial on attempted murder charges. The Brooklyn-rapper released almost a dozen mixtapes and albums before getting some shine as an XXL Freshman in 2014. Though he popularity barely extended past his NYC stomping grounds he did fall in favor with bigger named artists like 50 Cent, T.I., Diddy and Rick Ross. Unfortunately now, his name is getting mainstream national recognition for his role in a deadly shooting that took place at a T.I. concert in May. In the intro to the mixtape Troy can be heard rapping about the details of the night that sent him to jail. It remains to be seen if his incarceration will be a stimulus or hinderance to his career success.

Verdict: TBA. Troy Ave will probably never achieve 2Pac’s popularity, but best believe if he is found not guilty, he will milk any and all comparisons to him. Just look at their similar wheelchair photos. Troy Ave’s next mixtape is already writing itself.


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