Gucci Mane

Sometimes it’s hard to say Gucci Mane’s name without throwing “free” in front of it. Jail is probably the only place that Gucci has spent more time in than the studio. Being incarcerated has been a part of his career since it started. Shortly after his debut album Trap House dropped Gucci was ambushed by a group of men and he killed one of them in self-defense. When police issued the murder charges he was in New York shooting an episode of BET’s Rap City. Under advice from his lawyer, he left, flew back to Atlanta and turned himself in. Upon his arrival at the DeKalb County jail, his then label Big Cat Records seized the opportunity for publicity by parking promotional vans and having a street team outside of the jail. He only served a few months since the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. But in the years that followed Gucci would constantly see his career hit bumps in the road as he damn near averaged one jail sentence a year until 2013 where he would get locked up for three years. The jail stints seemed to only add to his legend as he still managed to record music and release albums through the years though he was rarely around to promote them. Gucci just got out of jail again for the umpteenth time this past May and is hoping to cash in on his prison mystique for good this time. In just two weeks of freedom he has already recorded songs with Kanye West and Drake.

Verdict: HELPED. Gucci’s legend seems to grow each time he leaves and comes back. Plus, he is pretty much the A&R of Atlanta’s ever evolving rap scene. Everyone from Future to Young Thug owes at least a part of their success to Gucci, so he’s always going to have a way to work and get back on.

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