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An Orlando gay club shooting has left 50 people dead and over 50 others injured in what officials are saying was a planned domestic terror attack. Police shot and killed the gunman during a shootout, and details regarding the incident and suspected shooter, Omar Mateen, are still developing.

The shooting event at Pulse, a small but popular gay nightclub in Orlando, is the deadliest such shooting in the history of the United States. Investigators are scrambling to piece together how Mateen, a 29-year-old Florida man without a criminal history, carried off the vicious attack.

There isn’t much out there thus far and more will be revealed in the coming days. However, here is what we know about the suspected gunman, Omar Mateen.

Condolences to the families of the shooting victims.

UPDATE: The situation involving Mateen continues to be investigated by the FBI, and new details are continuing to emerge. Reuters reports that Mateen was an armed guard for G4S, the largest security firm in the world. Mateen was employed by G4S in 2007, which the company referred to the outlet on Sunday. Officials are trying to determine if Mateen used his issued service weapon in his deadly attack at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub.

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