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Kevin Hart is just like the rest of us. He doesn’t know what Desiigner is saying on “Panda” either.

While in London promoting the film The Secret Life of Pets, where he voices the lead character “Snowball the Rabbit,” Kevin Hart was challenged to rap the lyrics to Desiigner’s “Panda” in Snowball’s voice.

Of course it was hilarious because everything Kevin Hart does and says is funny to someone in the world. However, hearing Hart rap the lyrics in a squeaky voice isn’t the funniest part. No, the real comic relief comes when Hart realizes, or tries to realize, exactly what Desiigner is rapping about.

After rapping the “man, I’m the macho like Randy” line, Hart stops and asks “this is really the lyrics to this song?” When he is told, “now you really know what Desiigner is saying on the song,” Hart quickly replies, “no, I don’t.”

Kevin Hart is on a rapping roll this week. He recently engaged in a rap battle with James Corden.

If you need help deciphering the lyrics too, continue reading to hear Desiigner break it down for you.

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