When news that Marvel’s Iron Man will be getting a drastic update with Black teen genius Riri Williams taking over the suit from Tony Stark, the reaction was largely favorable. However, it wouldn’t be right if the butt hurt trolls that dwell in droves on Twitter didn’t chime in with their unnecessary and insensitive comments.

With Marvel’s rabid fanbase not necessarily good with embracing change, the move to make Iron Man a Black woman (well, technically a girl) was definitely met with curiosity. The fervor over Marvel’s decision is still ongoing, and there have been digs made at the company for its lack of Black writers, much less its characters of color.

Without us having to point it out, many of the reactions to the character overhaul are steeped in an air of racism and sexism, even as the people taking the anti-Williams stance claim they’re not. They say their reaction is about the protection of a beloved character, but these same fans should know that the comics world will always come with a twist and this situation should be no different.

Brace yourselves for some of the butt hurt and insensitive troll comments around Riri Williams’ as Iron Man on the following pages. If we missed anything, please let us know by sounding off in the comments section.

Below we posted some counters to some of the criticisms and chatter and on the following page, the false outrage is on full display.

Photo: Marvel

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