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Since its release last Wednesday (July 6), the Pokémon Go app has been all the rage amongst kids and adults alike (just check the timeline on your social media accounts). While Nintendo’s stock shares have soared since the game’s release so has the crime rate as the game’s real life requirements have led to up to 11 armed robberies in St. Louis and St. Charles counties in Missouri.

Reports Gizmodo:

The latest robbery occurred Sunday morning at around 2am by the men in a black BMW before they were finally apprehended by police.

The suspects used the Pokemon Go game to find their victims by anticipating where people might go through popular PokeStops—virtual sites in the game that can be designated at any real word location, from businesses to parking lots to churches.

The four men who were apprehended all range in age from 16 to 18. Their names and what they stole from their victims have not been released.

The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has announced that it’s charging three people with Robbery in the 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action; a Class A Felony and an Unclassified Felony.

The three people are all being referred to as adults, depsite the fact that one is 17. The three are Shane Michael Backer, 18, Brett William Miller, 17, and Jamine James D. Warner, 18.

Hopefully these kind of set-ups don’t catch on because the last thing anyone wants to explain is how they got caught slipping trying to catch a Pokémon in the middle of the night.

Hit the flip to see the mugshots of the Pokémon perps.


Image: O’Fallon PD

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