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Sarah Palin is just the woman you want to expound on the political matters of the day and as one can imagine, the results were dimwitted as expected. The former governor of Alaska, you know, where you can see Russia from her back porch, wants people to refer to members of the Black Lives Matter movement as “thugs.”

Palin was a guest on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM over the weekend, continuing what the publication called a “rebuke” of BLM. During the chat, the former GOP Vice Presidential candidate doubled down on her rage against BLM and used that word that has plenty of hidden connotation.

From Mediaite:

They’re not protesters, you know, these are thugs, they’re rioters… The media is perpetuating a message that really evil people are thriving on right now, as they try to intimidate and warp malleable young minds that one race matters more than another?

Palin kept going with her verbal diarrhea, and she actually called BLM’s mission the “antithesis” of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message during the heights of the Civil Rights Movement. There were other choices moments during the chat such as Palin saying BLM celebrates violence and have been disrespecting the American Flag despite leaders of the group showing support for the recently slain officers in the Dallas sniper ambush.

If you must hear Sarah Palin make little sense as possible, check out the audio clip below.