We just had to take a moment to point out the craven stupidity. Political doofus Sarah Palin was spotted eating out in New York City, despite a recent positive COVID-19 diagnosis.


Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and past Vice Presidential candidate, has entered the media fray once more but perhaps not in the way she probably appreciates. Palin took a swipe at NFL player Colin Kaepernick‘s recent Meals On Wheels donation and people on social media have been giving her the business.

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Sarah Palin is just the woman you want to expound on the political matters of the day and as one can imagine, the results were dimwitted as expected. The former governor of Alaska, you know, where you can see Russia from her back porch, wants people to refer to members of the Black Lives Matter […]

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By now we shouldn’t be surprised by a crazy Azealia Banks tweet, but somehow she finds a new way to shock. The Harlem-rapper joked that the former vice-presidential candidate needed some Black d*ck in her life. Palin was not amused and has threatened to sue.

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Tina Fey is more interesting impersonating Sarah Palin than real-life Sarah Palin attempting to speak comprehensively. Fey braved the blizzard currently crippling the East Coast to bring her Palin impersonation back from the dead for last night’s (Jan. 23) SNL episode.

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This is a new one. Sarah Palin turned her son’s domestic violence arrest into a political talking point, and blamed the incident on President Obama.

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Sarah Palin made a triumphant return to the big stage after she went public with her endorsement of  GOP presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. The New York Daily News took a mighty swipe at both the former vice president candidate and the business mogul in epic fashion.

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It wouldn’t be a GOP opinion unless it goes totally against the grain of the popular thought, and Sarah Palin managed to insert her unsolicited two cents into the Ahmed Mohamed situation.


Sarah Palin was on CNN this morning speaking on a variety of topics. Considering how simple Palin is intellectually (you’ll disagree if you’re on the Far Right) her commentary was maddeningly comical on the subjects of climate change and immigration. 

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Sarah Palin is far too busy to be occupied with insignificant matters like where the White House is located. Simply put, she doesn’t know the address and didn’t bother to Google it before her speech at the Values Voter Summit this past Friday.

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This is getting ridiculous. President Obama has to fend off racism from average citizens, and even those in the political spotlight, like Sarah Palin. Palin, former governor of Alaska, used her platform to accuse to president of trying to cover up the attacks in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher […]