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Sarah Palin made a triumphant return to the big stage after she went public with her endorsement of  GOP presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. The New York Daily News took a mighty swipe at both the former vice president candidate and the business mogul in epic fashion.

With a photo of the two in varying stages of chatter, the Daily News captured the sentiment of Palin’s and Trump’s critics with a succinct caption: “I’m With Stupid!”

The second line of the cover story reads “Hate Minds Think Alike: Palin Endorses Trump.

While the endorsement might seem like a ridiculous move considering the circus show that is Trump’s campaign, Palin still has a strong connection with the hard conservative base within the GOP. While it didn’t appear Trump was faltering in relations to galvanizing that part of the vote, the gains in the polls by fellow front-runner Sen. Ted Cruz might be cause for worry.

Buzzfeed transcribed and dissected Palin’s endorsement, calling it “bizarre,” and that might be putting it mildly.

Political analysts believe that Palin will give Trump an important bump in the state of Iowa.


Photo: WENN