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Young Buck isn’t buying into the peace talks that much of Hip-Hop is calling for in the wake of the Dallas Police shootings. Instead, he’s pushing for war on his new songs “Get Back” and “Riot.”

On the song “Get Back,” Buck puts himself in the shoes of suspected Dallas cop sniper Micah Xavier Johnson as he verbally picks off police officers from a roof.

“Laying on the roof, waiting for 12 to come through

223 shells, what the hell they gonna do?

Gripping on the handle, thinkin’ ’bout Philando

I’ma blow out his candles, make them out examples”

He doesn’t stop there though, he also offers some venom for rappers who have spoken up and encouraged peace with the police.

“P*ssy n*gga stay away from me if you ain’t really with it

Rap n*ggas keep preaching this ol’ peace sh*t

But on some just last week sh*t, you was talking that street sh*t

That pull up busting your heat sh*t”

Later on in the track Buck backs his stance by mentioning the number of people that have been killed by police this year, so far.

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