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Lil B lifted his years long “curse” on NBA star Kevin Durant when he signed with his hometown Golden State Warriors team. But, he says that he is still holding one stipulation over KD’s head.

In an open letter he wrote and published on The Undefeated, Lil B says that even though the curse has been lifted, he is still expecting Kevin Durant to play him in a game of 1-on-1. In case you missed it, when Lil B first cast his spell on KD for calling his music wack, he said he would never win a championship unless he apologized and play him in a game of 1-on-1.

In the letter he writes:

The curse had to be removed for the simple fact that Kevin Durant has shown his humility by coming to the Warriors. Me being Lil B, I really feel like The Based God did it because The Based God is humble and very empathetic. Just from what I’ve seen, Kevin Durant has shown that he wants change.

I was always just protecting The Based God. The Based God said the curse is over, so the curse is officially over. As for a sorry, I don’t need one. I think Kevin Durant has shown where his heart is. And his heart is in the Bay Area…

…Our one-on-one game still has to happen. I think it’s for the love of the sport. The world wants to see it — hundreds of thousands, millions of people. They want to know what would happen with this game. They’re obviously interested.

At this point, I like where I’m at right now with my game and how much better I’ve gotten. I’m a real defensive guy. My defense really speaks loudly, which rolls over on offense. I have a pretty decent midrange shot. I like getting to the rack. I like getting to the hoop. I’m kind of like Russell Westbrook, but I can’t dunk. Just as far as going to the hole. I’m not saying all aspects of Russell Westbrook’s game because I don’t have the same aspects. I’m coming to the court with a lot of confidence now. It’s definitely different. I definitely do think I’m ready to play KD. Winning, who knows? But I definitely know I am ready to play him.

Yep, you read that right. Lil B says his skill set is “kind of like Russell Westbrook.”


Are you watching this fantasy game if it ever happens?

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