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When will it stop? Republican National Convention officials are claiming that Melania Trump’s speech did not copy Michelle Obama’s. But rather it had “common” phrases used in My Little Pony.

Instead of just admitting that the woman who is this close to becoming the First Lady of the United States got caught swagger jacking the current First Lady, the Republican party is scrambling trying to pick up their face by piling even more BS on top of the pile it’s already in.

RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer has came out and said that Trump’s speech was not plagiarized and that it simply had common phrases that tons of other people have said. Well, not just people, cartoon’s too.

Watch as Spicer keeps a straight face while explaining how Trump used a phrase from My Little Pony in perhaps the most important speech of her life.

Since Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony is not here to defend herself, John Legend stepped up and spoke on both of their behalves.

Photo: Twitter