Last week, A$AP Rocky found that out that the Internet never forgets when an old Time Out New York interview he gave in 2015 came back to haunt him like a paternity test. Pretty Flacko found himself the target of a Twitter backlash that hadn’t been seen since, well, since the whole Jennifer Lopez “All Lives Matter” fiasco last week.

In said interview the Harlem rapper said the kind of things that many in the urban community felt was basically him turning his back to the problems going on in the hood. But a tired A$AP Rocky took the time out his schedule to stop by The Breakfast Club to clear up and explain what he meant in the controversial interview.

He feels that the interview he gave which painted him as someone who didn’t care about the Black Lives Matter movement was taken out of context and a lot of his answers were the byproduct of what he felt were agitating questions that were being thrown at him by the interviewer.

Needless to say this sit down with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee was just as interesting as the controversial interview he gave last year. “Do your Googles, dawg.”

Here are 12 things we learned from A$AP Rocky on The Breakfast Club.

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