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It’s hard out here for a Black man. History has proven that there are a plethora of innocuous activities that our melanin-deficient brothers, and sisters, can go about doing on a daily basis, but thanks to racism, bias and heathens with badges (or even wannabes), can lead to the death of Black people. 

Hyperbolic, overreactive thinking? Nope.

Here are just a handful of examples.

Going To A Bachelor Party

In 2006, Sean Bell was leaving his bachelor party at a Queen strip club in the early hours of the morning (it was his wedding day). Cops lit up the car he was in with 50 bullets. They thought there was a gun. There was not.


Reaching For Your Wallet

In 1999 in The Bronx, 23-year-old Amadou Diallo was in the vestibule of his own building when he was gunned down by 19 bullets in a hail of 41 shots. Diallo head reach for his wallet, the cops thought it was gun. Oh yeah, all four officers were acquitted or murder charges, and one of the is now a sergeant in the NYPD.


Riding The Train

Responding to reports of a fight on a train on New Year’s Day 2009, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police officers detained Grant on the platform of the Fruitvale BART Station. Grant was laying prone (and handcuffed) when Officer Johannes Mehserle discharged his weapon in his back, killing him.


Asking For Help After A Car Accident

Former Florida A&M football player Jonathan Ferrell was just looking for help after a car accident, but instead was shot and killed by officer Randall Kerrick in Charlotte, NC in September 2013.


Going To The Store

Trayvon Martin went to get some Skittles and juice from a 7-11  in Sanford, FL. Unfortunately on his way back home, he ran into neighborhood watch maggot of a human being George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Martin, for nothing.


And then there’s today hashtag, #CharlesKinsey, who was shot, but fortunately not killed, while doing his job of helping an autistic boy. Again, DOING HIS JOB.

There are plenty more examples, but at this moment I’m too irate, disgusted and exhausted to list them.

But hey, Google is free. And as always, #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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