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A few weeks ago Cam’Ron raised some eyebrows when he attended the funeral of Gerard Woodley, the man who many believe is responsible for the 1999 murder of Harlem rapper Big L.

While it seemed weird that the former Dip Set general would pay his respects to someone who’d allegedly murdered his childhood friend, Cam is now shedding a little light on the history between the three men on a verse he previewed on his Instagram page last night.

1-3-9 Park, we started off as children/Grew up with Big L, and the dude who supposedly killed him/A week before that, though, Big L tried to kill him/What was he to do? Please don’t get any feelings/When the time’s right I will tell you about these villains/Now everybody dead, so it ain’t about squealing.

Seems like Cam is suggesting that Big L’s murder is the result of a missed hit turned retaliation.

For those that aren’t familiar with him, Big L was one of thee nicest rappers to come out of Harlem and seemed bound for fame and glory until his life was taken in February of 1999.

Gerard Woodley was detained by police as a prime suspect for the killing but was released due to lack of evidence. Woodley was murdered last month.

Whether or not Cam will delve deeper into the subject on his upcoming Killa Season 2 project remains to be seen but if anything he’s made it clear that there’s much more to the story of Big L and Gerard Woodley than people initially thought.

Photo: Instagram