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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian cover the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The cover story is the usual sometimes deep (family) often times shallow (nude selfies) ruminations of the the notoriously loved and hated couple. 


You know you’re about to get a gang of quotables when the byline reads: “By Carine Roitfeld and Photographs by: Karl Lagerfeld; Text by: Laura Brown; Creative Director: Stephen Gan.”

We took the time to peruse the story for the most interesting takeaways.

The Taylor Swift shade is flawless, while Kanye’s favorite song of all time is a rock joint.

LB: Favorite song of all time?

KW:“All Along the Watchtower.” The Jimi Hendrix cover.

KKW: I really like the song “Only One” [West with Paul McCartney].

LB: Favorite Taylor Swift song?

KW: For me? I don’t have one.

KKW: I was such a fan of hers


Don’t expect stuff in their crib to actually be theirs.

Kim click-clacks in, wearing a long, khaki Lycra dress—”a Yeezy sample”—and full, precise makeup. Kanye perches on a coffee table between two gigantic white couches. On the table are some art books: Annie Leibovitz, the architect Álvaro Siza, and oddly, one titled Great Stud-Farms of the World. “Huh?” Kanye says when I ask if, for any reason, he’s into stud farms.“Nah, that’s not our book.That’s for staging.”



Photos: Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

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