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A Staten Island bank was robbed this past Monday by a Black man completely decked out in Grandma’s best Sunday morning at church outfit, which probably isn’t the most effective disguise in the world. For all of the man’s troubles, he only managed to steal a few hundred dollars while being caught on surveillance video.

The Black Mrs. Doubtfire walked into a Santander Bank in the New York borough in that dress and a pair of heels ;astMonday afternoon around 1:25PM according to a New York Times report. Amazingly, the man, armed with a silver handgun, only netted $780 dollars according to the NYPD.

From the Times:

Dressed in that costume, the man walked into a Santander Bank branch on Water Street around 1:25 p.m. on Monday and displayed a silver handgun, law enforcement authorities said. He walked out with $780, a spokeswoman for the New York Police Department said.

He was later filmed by a surveillance camera in a neighboring convenience store, entering in the dress and leaving in plaid shorts, athletic shoes and no shirt, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is looking into the case with the police.

Sammy Darab, an employee at King Deli of the Island, said he recalled the man, who he said came in and went to the back of the store. “He just started changing,” Mr. Darab said. “I thought he was like a cross-dresser.”

Footage of the dress-wearing thief can be seen in the clip below. Hopefully, they’ll catch homie dipping off at the benediction this Sunday.

Photo: FBI/Screen cap