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Throughout the entire Power series, James “Ghost” St. Patrick has thrived on the fealty of his subordinates and the trust from his loved ones to attain ultimate control in any situation. Even when the reality contradicts his perception, he will affirm to anyone who will listen that “I got this on lock.”

Episode 303 exemplifies Ghost’s ability to manipulate situations, but still remain clueless to the threats right under his nose.

Power Season 3

Ghost has a firm handle on his new club war with Andy and Alby. He pulls an uber dirty mack move by paying for their private dinner with hotel mogul Karen Bassett, while warning her about Andy & Alby’s shady business practices. This cutthroat maneuver proved successful, as Bassett visited Truth later that day.

Bassett researched Ghost and knows about his war with Stern and how he acquired his other clubs. Karen will open a new apartment complex and proposes an open competition for the rights to build a new club on the property. She wants to know her potential business partner on a personal and professional level, and Ghost tells her “What you see is what you get.”

The opportunity to expand internationally, and further his brand appeals to Ghost, and winning this business at the expense of Andy & Alby would be the cherry on top of the sundae.

Power Season 3


Professionally, Ghost has his business on lock, but his personal life resembles a wild west shootout. Tariq brings Angela’s gun he stole to school and of course he gets busted by his teacher! When Ghost and Tasha meet at the school, they argue over the hows and whys of the gun situation, but the principal confirms that the gun belonged to Angela.


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