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Holly has been pushing Tommy to kill Ghost, and locates him after talking with Tasha and empathizing over her messed up marriage. Holly has more incentive for Ghost to die besides saving her own life—she’s pregnant!

Of course she hasn’t shared this with Tommy yet, but with this news, the pressure on Tommy to finish the job will only intensify. Tommy has to deal with his product being stepped on by Dillon Shin (after some investigative report by Julito after a romp with an Asian prostitute). Jae Shin asks nothing but loyalty and even his son had to pay a steep price for his insolence.

Ghost and Tommy finally meet after Ghost lured him out by impersonating Tariq. Their discussion goes nowhere, as Ghost attempts to have Tommy join him vs. Lobos. Ghosts asks Tommy if Lobos is trying to kill him, unaware that Tommy is the real hitman. Tommy leaves Ghost with more questions than answers, as it seems the battle lines have been etched in the sand.

Power Season 3 2016

Nothing interested me more than Kanan’s return, and he’s in Washington, DC! We knew he couldn’t be dead, right? Introducing Anika Noni Rose as his cousin Laverne “Jukebox” Gainer offers new insight into Kanan and his origin story.

Jukebox, a DC police officer with shady motives, enters the story orchestrating a coverup for a botched robbery, with her own street dudes involved. Jukebox wants to know what happened to Shawn and who set his flesh on fire. Kanan’s reluctance to tell the truth has Jukebox looking for other methods to get the real story, such as withholding his pain medication and sending her girlfriend Candie to sleep with Kanan in exchange for information. Although Candie and Kanan didn’t have sex, he does tell her about “Ghosts.”

Kanan and Jukebox share a special type of trust, as they confided their secrets (both criminal and personal) to one another. Jukebox has a job in the works with her associate dirt, who Kanan thinks is a liability (who does Kanan like?!), but he has to rehabilitate himself before being of any help.

Kanan, fueled by revenge and the allure of crime, is now more focused than even on getting back to 100%, helping Jukebox with her moves, and eventually killing Ghost. Ghost might think he has situations on lock, but these loose ends surrounding him may prove to unravel his best laid plans.

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