Tasha finessed Tariq out of an expulsion, and Ghost had to pick up his face for 1) trying to play Tasha as if Tariq got the gun from her and 2) admitting that he left Angela with the children alone. Tariq admits that he took the gun for protection since Shawn was murdered and Ghost no longer lived with them, while brazenly disrespecting his parents in the process.

I thought we would have BCW appear on the show as I braced myself for a parental ass whooping, but it didn’t happen. That co-parenting shangri la Ghost envisioned is over. Tasha won’t send those kids over to his girlfriend’s house anymore. Ghost and Angela discuss the incident and lob insults at one another. Yes it was irresponsible for Angela to leave her gun unattended but leaving her unattended with the kids wasn’t smart either, Ghost!

Power Season 3

Angela questioned Ghost about visiting Tommy, which annoys him. Why does she suddenly have interest in communications with Tommy? You can blame Greg Knox for that!

Knox reveals his predatory moves to Angela while her and Ghost are out on the town. Knox knows Angela can’t report him without also reporting her relationship with Ghost. Knox shows Angela pics of Ghost outside of Tommy’s apartment and lets her know he will stop at nothing to get Ghost convicted as Lobos’s distributor. Knox won’t let up at all. This may be his downfall or an obsession worth the trouble.

Power Season 3

Power makes for some interesting alliances, and none more eye popping than Holly and Tasha. They begin collaborating in Tommy’s operation, with some really fun moments this week. They learn to trust each other more in this episode.

Tasha proposes hair weaves as the new business to launder their money, which is genius when you think about it. Hair is HUGE business with plenty of opportunity to wash their blood money clean! Tasha loops in Keisha on the business end to purchase weave wholesale and distribute retail. Keisha ain’t feeling Holly at all after she stole Tash’s earrings, and threatens to beat her ass if anything comes up missing. Keisha is an important cog in the plan, as Tasha advises keeping Keisha out of their ulterior motives, to preserve Keisha’s plausible deniability.

If the hilarious scene with Holly and Tasha getting stopped by police doesn’t convince you that their poised to become the next Thelma & Louise, I don’t know what will!


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