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Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolondo McLain is reportedly 40 pounds overweight and addicted to codeine and Sprite aka “purple drank.”

The report originally came from Bleacher Report and is now circulating online. McLain is already in risk of losing his job as he is currently serving a 10-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy once already.

The report states:

“The unfortunate story with linebacker Rolando McClain, who is currently on a 10-game suspension from the NFL, is that he’s abusing a codeine-based drug called ‘purple drank.’ What it basically is, is a combination of Sprite and codeine, or cough syrup, in this case, that leaves it with a purple color.

“It also is ingested constantly, and victims of using this often gain lots and lots of weight. That’s exactly what is happening in McClain’s case, where he’s gained approximately 40 pounds, according to those two sources, and he is incredibly out of shape at this time.”

This is just the latest disappointing event in what was expected to be a phenomenal career for McLain. He was a standout player on the 2010 Alabama Crimson Tide championship football team and was named the best linebacker in college football. He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2010 but never made a real impact outside of getting arrested and staying in trouble. He eventually parted ways with the team and joined the Baltimore Ravens, but wound up announcing his retirement at age 23 without ever playing a game for them.

He would join the Cowboys leading up to the 2014 season and saw a resurgence in his career before being slowed down by injuries. His 2015 season started with a four-game suspension for violating the NFL drug policy, but he did play well enough to earn a $5 million contract offer. Fast forward to this year, he got caught with cloudy piss again and now this report of him being gone off the lean isn’t making his resume look any better.

McLain isn’t the first NFL player to succumb to “purple drank.” Former #1 draft pick and fellow ex-Raider Jamarcus Russell admitted that the drank is one of the things that lead to his demise as a player.

Keep in mind folks, this is a possible addiction we are dealing with here. So, if you can, keep the Ronaldo “McLean” jokes to a minimum. If you can.

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