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You’ve got to think: How much time did it really take for the Internets to construct this theory regarding Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s baby? Faster than the speed of light probably.

About a week ago, news broke that Pulliam’s husband of seven months, Ed Hartwell, had gone ahead and filed for divorce from the child star. This came a week after she’d announced her pregnancy via Instagram.

Hartwell was sure to ask for a paternity test also, claiming that he and his wife weren’t intimate around the time of supposed conception. Who does this? Publicly?

Anyway, when these two married in January 2016, most people thought the actress was still in her long-term relationship with Big Tigger of Atlanta’s V103. So much that major news outlets would run reports of the engagement and marriage and feature the former Rap City host’s picture.

So when Hartwell started in with his own loose theories as to where Keshia was laying her head long enough to be with child now, people automatically considered Tigger and his bed.

Granted, things like this happen fairly often in day-to-day life — it can be tough to cleanly cut off a three-year relationship, but according the the radio host that’s exactly what happened.

On his Trending Topics segment Monday afternoon (August 1) Big Tigger clarified his position within the entire situation.

“There’s been lots of conversation and innuendo suggesting that I might be the father of someone’s child. There is zero percent chance that the child that is being alleged might be mine, is mine.”

He insisted that he respects “the institution of marriage” and a lot of it has to do with his own father being married three times. He added that he has never been married and only wants to go through nuptials one time.

“[I] could not have impregnated a female that I have not spoken to nor seen since our breakup. Any insinuation, speculation, intimation or rumor of me being the father of that young lady’s beautiful child [is] just not true.”

So stay off his Instagram with the knucklehead questions.

We also commend Tigger for offering his opinion on Hartwell’s actions, stating simply, “I just think that’s corny.”

Peep Tigger’s commentary below, see Keshia’s latest take on the flip.

Photo: Instagram

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