Vic Mensa claims Beverly Hills cops racially profiled him and his crew. The rapper had been shopping at pricey shop when cops pulled them over shortly after leaving. 

Mensa took to Snapchat to document some of the f*ckery.

Reports TMZ:

Mensa and crew were pulled over Thursday by BHPD as the rapper ended a shopping spree. He says he dropped $4k at Barneys. You can see in the video Vic shot … he’s dumbfounded by the whole thing and thinks it’s straight up racism.

BHPD says that’s not the case … a spokesman tells TMZ they got a call from a store owner who accused Vic and his crew of jacking some merch.

Cops initiated the traffic stop, spoke with Vic, searched his vehicle and determined nothing had been stolen. The whole thing took about half an hour.

Maybe the cops were indeed doing their job. However, whoever in the store called the cops might be the racists twerp.

Facts is Mensa and co. didn’t have any pilfered goods AND the receipts. So how about an apology, Barneys? You’re track record isn’t very good in similar matters.

Photo: Snapchat


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