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We never know about the better life we can have until we experience it for ourselves. Magazines, gossip blogs, and reality TV give us a window into the lavish lifestyles of celebrities.

While the imagery we see may be embellished, we all can dream right? The closer we get to that dream, and any taste from the cup of success that we partake in, we won’t wan’t to go back. Holly has these street dreams, and in the latest episode of Power, her visions of a better life cause her to make drastic decisions.

Power Season 3

Holly has craved that better life ever since she met Tasha and looked behind the veil at Ghost’s real profession. She loves Tommy, but wants to be the Tasha to his Ghost. Holly strives to make Tommy better and won’t let anything stand in the way of their happiness. Holly’s motives have been the most straight forward of any character on this show, and while she may not know the ins and outs of the drug business, she learn quickly and can read people, using their weaknesses to her advantage.

Tasha discovers that Holly is pregnant after seeing Holly suspiciously avoiding wine. Their conversation about raising the child of a drug dealer strikes a chord with Holly. Tommy could leave the house and never return and the onus to raise a child would fall on Holly. Was she ready for that, and when would she let Tommy know about the child? Tommy’s reluctance to kill Ghost puts Holly and her unborn child in danger, and she takes action.

Hiring the Jamaicans to kill Ghost boldly shows that Holly will do whatever it takes to achieve that better life for herself and Tommy, even if Tommy isn’t willing to make the tough decisions.

Power Season 3

The clock on Ghost and Angela’s relationship comes closer to striking midnight. Their beautiful dreams of a happily ever after morph into a pumpkin shaped nightmare with constant reality checks into the true nature of their affair.


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