This week’s episode highlights Ghost’s marriage…as in he’s STILL married! Paz acknowledges this during dinner at Angela’s place, when asking about Ghost’s marriage. Trust also continues to wane between Ghost and Angela. Angela calls in a favor to get Tariq’s record expunged, and she visits Tasha to deliver the good news, without telling Ghost. Tasha appreciates the gesture but still won’t have her kids at Angela’s house. Ghost chastises Angela for not telling him before visiting Tasha.

Angela says she doesn’t need Ghost’s permission for that, and Ghost disagrees “Especially when it comes to my wife.”

Freudian slip or real talk? The difference between separating and divorce may be a legal proceeding, but you cannot fully commit to someone while technically remaining wed to your estranged partner. How can that relationship truly progress if Ghost won’t fully commit to Angela and end things with Tasha completely?

Power Season 3

The characters on this show have major blind spots, which put them in positions of peril. With Ghost, it’s his nightlife mogul ambition. Karen Bassett urges him to increase his social media profile and become more publicly visible in order to strengthen his brand.  Ghost works best when operating in the shadows, and we know that almost nothing good happens when celebrities want to take risks on the Internet!

Tommy’s conflict with Ghost continues to leave him vulnerable. When you seek advice from a drug and arms dealing priest during Confession, you know your situation sucks. His business with Jae Shin and the Koreans reach a boiling point when Dylan Shin wants Tommy dead for exposing his product theft. If it wasn’t for Dre getting tipped off by 2Bit that the Koreans put a hit on Tommy, he wouldn’t have survived. Ghost secretly rescuing Tommy will complicate matters even more. If Tommy doesn’t make a decision soon, his life and everyone he loves will be in jeopardy.


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