Power Season 3

Kanan’s thirst for revenge resulted in third degree burns and extradition to DC. Kanan’s solves his problem using a Muder-Death-Kill strategy (see: Dirt) and a scorched Earth tactic doesn’t fit every situation. Jukebox continues to rehabilitate Kanan physically and mentally, because she wants him to use better critical thinking skills.

She sends Candie to ensure that he’s fit for their pending jewelry heist, and she uses every resource to make that possible. During their strip club excursion, Jukebox urges Kanan to think strategically about what he really wants from Ghost and the best way to attain it. Jukebox playing Rocky Balboa to Kanan’s Adonis Creed, refining him into a more calculated individual won’t bode well for Ghost, but I wonder if this life coach role serves any ulterior motive.

As Sandoval and Knox have Ruiz ready to flip on the entire organization, which will include Ghost, it looks like the problems will continue to mount for Truth’s owner, Angela and anyone associated with them.

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