Layton Benton might not be a mainstream celebrity but in the world of adult entertainment, she is one of the industry’s rising young stars. Ms. Benton, whose name began buzzing shortly after Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s public breakup, is curvy from top to bottom thus landing her in the spot as our next Bangin Candy.

Back in June, Benton was stopped by TMZ in where she mentioned an interest in some athletes but respected their marital unions. However, Swaggy P was newly single and Benton made it quite known that the Los Angeles Lakers star can get next to her if he wants. No word if Swaggy made moves but that’s not the story here.

Benton has made her mark early on in the skin biz and has been nominated several times as an adult actress by the Adult Video News organization. What also factors in as well is Benton’s head-turning looks and curves, which considering her trade makes for a good time for all.

At just 24 years of age, Benton will potentially remain in the game for quite some time so that should satisfy her steadily growing fan base and over 174,000 Instagram followers.

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Photo: Instagram

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