Gena Tew has proven she is a fighter but it seems she has another bout on her hands. She is now blind in one eye. 

One of OnlyFans’ leading personalities is now the suspect to a major crime. Courtney Clenney is now charged with murdering her estranged boyfriend.

It’s a cold world and but the internet truly has no heart. Cardi B checked folks who showed no sympathy for an Instagram model’s passing.

Thanks to a Twitter account boosting one of her fun-loving videos, we became aware of the Nigerian-American starlet and are honored to name her in the latest of our Baes and Baddies entries.

Although the Young Money honcho was reportedly engaged to curve model Latecia Thomas, it appears he's moved on with the Puerto Rican-Kuwaiti beauty.

Rainey was awarded $7.1 million in a judgment after accusing the Compton rapper of sexual assault back in 2015 after appearing on the 'She Got Game' reality show.

Even though she is still our regular, shmegular, degular girl from the Bronx Cardi B does not come ordinary when it comes to her projects. She shows us her magic once again with a new shoe unveil.

Things have taken another turn for the worse when it comes to the career of Slick Woods. The runway vixen took some bumps and bruises due to her health issues.

Life continues to be good for Drake. All signs are pointing to him and one of the top models in the game being an item.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton really threw the deep one this time, this after allegedly having a baby on the side with a popular Instagram fitness model. La Reina Shaw, the woman in question, is said to be the reason why Newtown has split with his girlfriend and the mother of his four children, Kia […]

Mama Cax, a model who made waves in the industry due to slaying runways despite her disability, has passed away at the age of 30. Rihanna and others in the fashion industry offered tribute to the Haitian-born model who was an inspiration for many.

Shay Brown has been modeling for just a few years but has already put her mark on the game as one of the rising stars in her lane. The Los Angeles beauty was gracious enough to allow us to revive our Baes & Baddies segment with her sultry and smoking hot images.