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DJ Quik is offering a very thorough explanation about why he threatened to sue YG over not getting his credit as an engineer on his hit “My N*gga.”

In case you missed it, DJ Quik set off a minor storm on Twitter earlier this week when he called out fellow Compton rapper YG for not giving him his credits, or money, for engineering “My N*gga.”

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Initially, Quik came out looking like the crazy one in the argument because the song is now two years old. However, Quik has released a statement via Billboard explaining why he has a bone to pick with not only YG, but his management and label as well.

According to Quik he was called in to clean the record up after an unmixed version leaked onto Youtube. He says that he and YG had mutual management at the time and that he did it because he liked the young rapper, even though he had never really met him before. Quik says that he cleaned the record up through a process called “stemming” where he went in and did all of the heavy lifting to get the record sounding right, but made it to where it would be easy for anyone to come up behind him and mix the song they exact way they wanted it. That’s exactly what wound up happening in this instance.

Quik says that after he sent the files back with the cleaned up sounds and his own mix, YG’s team loved the sounds, but not the mixing, and chose to have another engineer mix the record they way they wanted. That engineer wound up getting the money and credit. Quik says that he was left out in the cold.

Quik admits that he doesn’t think it was intentionally done out of malice. He also says that he is not angry about what happened, but more so disappointed and paranoid that oversights like this will continue to happen, thus making it even more difficult for producers, engineers and studio professionals to thrive in the music business.

Continue reading to check out his entire statement.

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