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Malia Obama has lived much of her young life under an unwanted microscope as the eldest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The 18-year-old is the center of a brewing media witch hunt looking to unearth details over a video that allegedly shows Ms. Obama smoking what appears to be marijuana.

As the news outlets continue to piece together how the daughter of the world’s most powerful man got in a toke past the United States Secret Service, the reaction to Obama enjoying herself at the Lollapalooza concert has been rabid.

RadarOnline posted an account from eyewitness Jerrdin Selwyn who is obviously looking to get into the tabloid business with all the dry snitching she did to the publication. RadarOnline and other outlets have made a big to-do over Obama, a teenager, dancing at the concert prior to the smoking video leak which has naturally made matters worse.

While there has been no official statement from the White House, there is chatter that the video leak could be potentially harmful to Obama’s presidential legacy. However, when George W. Bush was in office, the media was especially lenient at times over his daughters and their myriad issues.

As it stands, there is some discussion on social media over the matter with some saying that at 18, Malia Obama should do whatever she wants. A college-bound woman is going to make her own choices, good or bad, and should be afforded the grace we all expect when we make a so-called mistake. And the silliest thing about this whole drama? People are legitimately upset that Obama wasn’t jailed or reprimanded by authorities for the bold, dangerous act of smoking a joint.

Hopefully, this teaches her the lesson to always mind her surroundings and keep her eyes open for unsuspecting camera phones.

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