Donald Glover confirmed that Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, is a part of the writers' room for his upcoming series for Amazon. The actor and creator of the hit FX series 'Atlanta' spoke about it at the premiere of the show's third season, praising her for her work ethic and energy.


Malia Obama has been trying to live a life separate of her famous parents since the family left the White House officially at the top of 2017. Thanks to the hard-hitting reporting of the Daily Mail, a “secret” Facebook page reveals that the 20-year-old is quite like a lot of young people who don’t like […]


After video of Malia Obama smoking surfaced online and causing conservative pundit outrage, Black Twitter reacted in kind.


Former President Barack Obama shared how he had to fight back tears after he and his wife Michelle Obama dropped their daughter Malia Obama at Harvard.


Malia Obama and the former First Family will now quietly go back to public life, but each move the daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama will be examined for years to come. It was recently reported that Malia has scored an internship with famed Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, adding to her resume in behind […]

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Malia Obama has lived much of her young life under an unwanted microscope as the eldest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The 18-year-old is the center of a brewing media witch hunt looking to unearth details over a video that allegedly shows Ms. Obama smoking what appears to be marijuana.


Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia, is just 18-year-old. So if you’re mad that she decided to skip the Democratic National Convention to instead go turn up at Lollapalooza, you’re probably a hater, and should reconsider your life choices. 

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Malia Obama will be following in the footsteps of her parents President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama after she was accepted to Harvard University. When news of the eldest Obama daughter attending the hallowed institution went public, a barrage of racist chatter exploded online.

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People have really shown their true colors since the first Black president was elected back in 2008. Not only does President Obama have to constantly put up with disrespect, but he has to watch his family go through it too. People criticize them for every single thing, from the way they dress to the events […]


Malia Obama probably got a stern talking to from her father, Barack Obama, about sharing pics on social media. A selfie of the POTUS’ eldest daughter rocking a Pro Era t-shirt quickly went viral. 

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Thanks to Malia Obama, the Pro Era crew got quite the boost ahead of the debut of its front-runner, Joey BadA$$, debut album, B4.Da.$$. But while the Brooklyn teen has been shining, there exists a whole team behind him with loads of talent themselves.