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Malia Obama found herself to be at the center of a raging trending topic Friday morning (Nov. 24) after video of the 19-year-old Harvard University blowing smoke rings surfaced. Conservative pundits and outlets immediately seized on the “news” with a vicious, judgemental bent but Black Twitter wasn’t having any of that.

We won’t dignify conservative rag The Daily Caller with a link but the outlet published a story of the eldest child of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama having a smoke that a “friend” of hers thought would be a good idea to share online. Naturally, the image has been making rounds and conservative media types are trying their best to make it a story.

As Black Twitter noted, the way the media has ganged up on the Obama family during the presidential years and beyond is the definition being pressed. It was also said that Malia needs to hang with a new set of associates or start demanding a no cell phone policy when she’s out kicking it.

And for those sitting on their little perches frowning on Malia, what were you like at 19 and away at college? Exactly. Let that young woman live her life without your bitter nosiness. The wider concern should be what that orange-tinged buffoon in office is doing, not a college student being herself.

We’ve collected some of the best responses online to the ongoings of Malia Obama’s private life going public again below and on the following pages.

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