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Malia Obama will be following in the footsteps of her parents President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama after she was accepted to Harvard University. When news of the eldest Obama daughter attending the hallowed institution went public, a barrage of racist chatter exploded online.

As reported by Addicting Info, Fox News reported over the weekend that Malia applied and was accepted by her parent’s alma mater. While the comments section of the conservative news site is usually rife with ignorance, the vile nature of the response was so bad that Fox had to shut down the comments section.

From Addicting Info:

Malia decided on Harvard after visiting at least a dozen colleges, ultimately deciding to attend the school where her father earned his degree. Before she does this, she will take a year off school like many young people choose to do before going to college.

There’s nothing controversial about this at all. She did nothing wrong, but if you were to judge from the comments that flooded the website soon after the article went up, you would think she performed an abortion while marrying two undocumented immigrants inside a church while taking the congregants’ guns and stomping on a flag. Readers called her a “n*gger,” a “monkey,” an “ape,” and made it very clear that her skin color is something they consider important in determining her worth as a human being.

There’s no sense in dignifying the comments made by sharing them but the good folks at Addicting Info collected the receipts. If you must read such harsh and racist commentary, please follow this link.

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