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Thanks to Malia Obama, the Pro Era crew got quite the boost ahead of the debut of its front-runner, Joey BadA$$, debut album, B4.Da.$$. But while the Brooklyn teen has been shining, there exists a whole team behind him with loads of talent themselves.

Now that Middle America has probably been lied to and told that the Pro Era are a gang of thugs hellbent on destroying American values, we’re here to set the record straght. The Pro Era, short for Progessive Era, are a musical and artistic collective which includes rappers, producers and neighborhood homies.

The Era has made several appearances on Joey BadA$$’s releases, and some members have projects of their own including the late, great Capital STEEZ.

Hit the following pages as we introduce the Progressive Era in full. And let us repeat: Everyone in the crew contributes to the success of the other. That teamwork is refreshing to see.

We also don’t want to forget to say a sincere Rest In Power to the brother Junior B.

Photo: Instagram

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