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Tyga has never seen a bill he couldn’t take forever to pay, if at all. The rapper, who just dodged getting arrested for not paying his landlord, owes a jeweler $200K, and buddy wants his loot, stat. 

Reports TMZ:

Tyga may have opened the floodgates when he paid a fat settlement to an old landlord — ’cause a celebrity jeweler was paying attention … and hired the SAME LAWYERS to collect on his $200k debt.

The man with the vendetta is Jason of Beverly Hills — who claims he got screwed out of some serious cash when Tyga stiffed him in a 2013 jewelry deal for a sick watch and chain.

Jason went to court and got a $200,000 judgment against Tyga — but he hasn’t seen a single cent and was getting sick and tired of chasing his cash.

That is … until he saw Tyga coughed up a huge settlement last week to an old landlord who was ALSO going after the rapper for an old debt.

In all fairness, you lost just by extending credit to Tyga. Do your Googles.

However, the aforementioned lawyers are probably about to get more calls.