The upstart company has only been around for a year and this new “Screwston” brew is their latest product.

“We went through a few different bottles before finally finding the one that looked like the Activas bottle,” co-owner Benji Aguilar tells Chron. Aguilar owns the company with Kaitlin O’Brien and Robin Aguilar.

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The “Screwston” brew is currently available at select coffee shops in the Houston area. It can also be ordered online. The company says they plan on putting aside some of the profits to help independent Houston musicians. They say they would also like to partner with the Davis family in the future.

If that is indeed the case, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to at least reach out to the family first and see if they wanted to partner on it before putting the product out and selling it?

Yes, Screw popularized syrup but he died from it as well.

Activis actually halted production of their codeine after they found out that it was being abused. According to 2 Chainz, they may have stopped making it because Justin Bieber started using it.


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