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What’s the best way to honor a deceased DJ who is suspected of dying from a codeine overdose? One Houston coffee maker thinks it’s to package their brew in lookalike Activis syrup bottles and put R.I.P. DJ Screw on the back.

There is a company called XELA Coffee Roasters that are “honoring” the life and legacy of Robert “DJ Screw” Davis, Jr. by creating a special brew called “Screwston” and putting the brew in codeine cough syrup bottles. Similar to how you would pour codeine into a Sprite bottle, you can also pour “Screwston” into your favorite milk and make a mocha.

The bottle pays “homage” to DJ Screw on the back.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.44.31 AM

Photo: Chron screenshot

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