Travis Scott joins forces with Isaac Yowman to become executive producers for a forthcoming biopic focused on DJ Screw.


This is going to be quite the history lesson for up and coming deejays on how important creativeness, innovation and overall originality can be to creating a long lasting legacy.

On Thursday (Aug 13), the comedian took to social media with a response to a young teen who attempted to credit a white producer named Slater with originating the early 90s sound and gave her a quick lesson on the true originator of the sound she called a “slowed and reverb phenomenon"--DJ Screw.

The late DJ Screw contributed an enduring wrinkle in the Hip-Hop ecosystem with the creation of the “chopped and screwed” style. Now, a new series depicting the Houston, Texas legend’s life and legacy is slated to make its debut soon.

What’s the best way to honor a deceased DJ who is suspected of dying from a codeine overdose? One Houston coffee maker thinks it’s to package their brew in lookalike Activis syrup bottles and put R.I.P. DJ Screw on the back.