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The late DJ Screw contributed an enduring wrinkle in the Hip-Hop ecosystem with the creation of the “chopped and screwed” style. Now, a new series depicting the Houston, Texas legend’s life and legacy is slated to make its debut soon.

As reported by VIBE, DJ Screw, born Robert Earl Davis, Jr., saw his name rise in the Houston streets after introducing the slowed-down remix style in the 1990s and also the hundreds of the official Screwtape mixtape series.

Filmmaker Isaac “Chill” Yowman is the mind behind All Screwed Up, the name of the series which focused on Screw’s life. The series stars  Rosha Washington, Paigion Walker, Kyle Mosely, Marqus Clae, Phill Wade, Dean Will, Omete Anassi, Diamond Lyons, LaShae Boone, and Rodrick Randall.

More from the YouTube description from All Screwed Up‘s trailer:

All Screwed Up is a compelling new series centered around the legendary DJ Screw, born Robert Earl Davis Jr.. Not only was Screw a groundbreaking DJ, he invented a signature style that has transcended more than 2 decades of pop culture and spring-boarded the career of dozens.

His slow pitched “Chopped & Screwed” technique has been featured in Academy Award & Golden Globe Award-winning films and on dozens of multi-platinum, Billboard topping songs.

In 2000, DJ Screw passed away reportedly from a codeine overdose at the age of 29. In the wake of his passing, the largest regional chopped and screwed sound made its way into other city scenes and gave outside observers a first-hand glimpse into the Houston subgenre.

While it isn’t known when or where All Screwed Up will be hitting a streaming service or a related medium, a trailer for the series can be viewed below.

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