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Screwed Up Sunday: Tribute to DJ Screw

Source: Magdelena / Radio One Houston

Comedian Kev-On Stage had to put on his “teacher” cap after calling out white teens on social media for attempting to appropriate the legendary and original “Chopped and Screwed” sound of Houston icon DJ Screw.

On Thursday (Aug 13), the comedian took to social media with a response to a young teen who attempted to credit a white producer named Slater with originating the early 90s sound and gave her a quick lesson on the true originator of the sound she called a “slowed and reverb phenomenon”DJ Screw.

“White people, y’all don’t know what y’all be talking about but you be confidently loud and wrong!” Kev-On Stage began. “You really tried to gentrify chopped and screwed. I know you don’t know who DJ Screw is, but I guarantee you Slater is not the inventor of ‘slowed and reverb.’ This is called chopped and screwed. DJ Screw – Houston, Texas rest in peace – is the one who is the originator of this. You talk about originator? This was originated before you were born! I don’t know who Slater is but he is not DJ Screw.”

DJ Screw, who passed away in 2000 after a lethal combo of codeine, marijuana, and alcohol, created the style in the early ’90s and began spreading the music through underground mixtapes. Launching his crew, The Screwed Up Click comprised of members Big Hawk, Big Moe, E.S.G., Lil Keke, Fat Pat, among others, the crew would freestyle over Screw’s chopped and screwed beats for his popular Screw Tapes and created a signature sound that has influenced superstars including Beyoncé, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and more.

Check out some of DJ Screw’s legendary work below.